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You are needed - A guide to gender equal power-sharing

"You are needed - A guide to gender equal power-sharing" is a book in English about Swedish gender equality, targeting companies with diverse nationalities, international students, and those curious about societal development. The book explores success factors like individual taxation, parental leave, and feminist foreign policy. It features prominent women in politics and business, such as Margot Wallström, Elin Kristensson, Ann Linde, Olga Persson, Amanda Lundeteg, Alexandra Pascalidou, Helene Barnekow, Susanna Gideonsson, and Magdalena Andersson, among others. It also includes insights from Nobel laureate Claudia Goldin's research on women's opportunities in the workforce. The book provides valuable advice on inclusive leadership for both women and men, emphasizing support for one another. 
You can order the book for 200 SEK plus 49 SEK shipping by emailing info@greenkontakten.se or purchase it from digital bookstores or your local bookstore.
Additionally, there's a special offer: "You are needed, Lift each other, The first — All three books for 475 SEK, including shipping."
About the Author
Monica Green, the high school teacher turned Member of Parliament for 24 years, is an inter­national election observer for the
Folke Bernadotte Academy and has a strong commitment to gender equality issues. She has been politically active since her youth
and has experience as a local politician and from chairing national organisations such as Unga Örnar, UN Women Sweden, and the
Fistula Hospital Foundation. This is Monica Green’s third book, but the first one to be published in English 

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